2012-2013 School Year

Integrated Learning Academy’s Advanced Brain Gym Plus program was privileged to be chosen to tutor 6th through 8th grade students after school in Westminster, CO.

ILA’s ABGP program was chosen by Scott Carpenter Middle School to tutor 6th -8th grades in Literacy and Math The parents, students and faculty of Scott Carpenter were so pleased with the results of our program that they continued to contract with ILA for Move To Improve professional development workshops in their school.

2015-2016 School Year

Integrated Learning Academy tutored literacy and math to elementary students in Westminster. Attendance was outstanding! Parents, students and teachers collaborated with ILA staff as we empowered 2nd – 5th graders to reach their academic and personal goals. We taught the students and their families the 26 Brain Gym movements, and how to “Move-to-Improve” in all areas of their lives. The students were sad to see the program come to an end. The parents and students were grateful to take with them, lasting tools they can use for a lifetime of continued learning.

Brain Gym After School Tutoring Methodology:

Integrated Learning Academy combines traditional academic tutoring with brain activation movement exercises. Neuroscience has proven a strong connection between intentional movement and improved cognition.

In addition to academic tutoring, we focused on making the brain-body connection through movements called Brain Gym. Our curriculum integrates the theories of multiple intelligences so all students understand their best method for learning.Our movement based program is an effective cognitive strategy to:

  • Strengthen learning
  • Improve memory and retrieval
  • Enhance motivation and joy for learning

After regular school hours, we conducted after school tutoring for three hours per week. Each session included:

  • A healthy snack
  • Goal setting by the students
  • Academic tutoring in literacy, math, and ELD
  • Brain Gym’s Multi-sensory Learning Techniques

Research shows that small group learning is best, especially when dealing with remediation. At Westminster and Saint Vrain, we had a maximun 1 to 10 teacher to student ratio.

After School Tutoring Results:

Our goals were to increase academic achievement in reading, language arts and mathematics. Our goal was also to increase the linguistic ability in English Language Learners (ELL). As a standards-based educational academy, we enabled these students to move towards attaining proficiency in meeting the state academic achievement standards.

brain gym wrat westminster school district test results

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