Is your child having “trouble” in school? Does your child struggle with reading, spelling, and writing? Has you child been diagnosed as Dyslexic? It is  stressful to struggle in school and can make you and your child feel like you’re failing. Fear not. These difficulties do not signal inabilities. In fact, your dyslexic child may have great abilities; his potential just needs to be unlocked. The Educational Kinesiology philosophy of the Brain Gym program may be just the key you’ve been looking for.


Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K) is defined as: “the study of movement and its relationship to whole-brain learning; a process for drawing out innate learning abilities through the understanding of movement and its relationship to whole-brain learning patterns; the application of kinesthetics (movement) to the study of whole brain integration for purposes of alleviating stress and maximizing the full learning potential.” (The Brain Gym Global Observer)

There are many great success stories with Brain Gym. One such story is Dr. Rich Petke, NMD. Now a naturopathic doctor, Petke used to be that student who struggled in school. He described how he used to avoid reading at all costs, would read from right to left, had a narrow visual span, and his spelling was atrocious (The Brain Gym Global Observer May 2011). Petke was lucky enough to find a career in the computer industry and had a great support system of people who would help with his writing and spelling along the way. It wasn’t until years later, when his daughter was struggling in school, that Petke would come to use the tools of Edu-K.

Petke and his wife worked with the Brain Gym program to help their daughter who was struggling in school. After working with the Educational Kinesiology, not only was their daughter helped but so was Petke. He found himself using the left side of his body, suddenly able to spell correctly, and able to fulfill his life-long dream of practicing medicine without fear of the reading and writing course load.

The tools of Edu-K can also unlock your dyslexic child’s abilities, for Edu-K or Brain Gym:

increases  one’s  ability to decode or sound out words more easliy when reading,

increases fluency,  because when the eyes are teaming together…..they can flow across the page from left to right with flow and ease while maintaining the ability to comprehend and fully understand what is being read! Isn’t that what reading is all about?

Brain Gym:

  • reduces stress
  • enhances creativity
  • overcomes learning challenges
  • helps us learn anything faster and more easily
  • increases and improves motivation
  • inmproves  focus and organization
  • synchronizes body and mind


Educational Kinesiology can give your dyslexic child the power to not merely scrape by but succeed and thrive. A dyslexic child is no less capable of learning and no less intelligent than a child who doesn’t have difficulty reading. The dyslexic child just needs different keys to unlock his potential. If your child is struggling with dyslexia, contact us to see how Educational Kinesiology can help him to be a success story.


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