Our Tutoring Program

The Integrated Learning Academy Supplemental Educational Services after school tutoring program partners with families and schools throughout Colorado to provide outstanding tutoring services. Our after school program increases literacy, English language skills and math scores for your students. At Integrated Learning Academy, our professional staff are well-versed in tutoring ELL students in the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • Nepalese
  • African
  • Vietnamese
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Tigrigna
  • French

We are also one of the only tutoring companies in the state of Colorado qualified to service the deaf and hard of hearing populations. We are licensed special education teachers and active members of the following organizations and associations:

  • International Council of Exceptional Children
  • Division of Early Childhood
  • Orton Gillingham Institute of Multi-Sensory Education
  • Body-Mind Centering Association, Inc.

Our program is unique and different because, as sensory integration specialists, we focus on making the brain-body connection integral to the development and growth of the WHOLE child. When the brain and body are connected and aligned, self-confidence and motivation dramatically improves in ALL types of learners.

Our instructors are experts in recognizing a child’s strengths and using them to improve reading, language and math levels. Our goal oriented program, guided by skillful professionals, drives us to carefully plan your child’s instructional program. The end result – your student’s take with him or her a personal, positive self-image, and the confidence to be successful and celebrate the joy in the quest for lifelong learning.

We recognize your child’s individual learning style and strengths, then we work with your child to recognize and tap into those strengths!


Our Impact 


Integrated Learning Academy was selected to provide Title 1 tutoring to the Westminster School Districts from 2012 to 2016. We feel privileged to help students attain measurable growth in their targeted areas of academic need.


Integrated Learning Academy was selected to provide Title 1 tutoring to the St. Vrain School District from 2011 to 2012. We feel privileged to help students attain measurable growth in their targeted areas of academic need.

Integrated Learning Academy is one of only five tutoring companies in Colorado that was awarded a contract to provide tutoring services in Aurora Public Schools under No Child Left Behind. We are proud to have helped Aurora students increase their literacy and math skills.

We serviced students both in their homes as well as in schools across the district. We tutored grades 1-8 in English, Spanish, Nepalese, African, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Tigrigna and French languages. We were the only tutoring company servicing the deaf and hard of hearing population.

ILA is proud to be invited by DPS Title One Grants and Federal Programs Department to tutor grades 1-12 in various schools throughout the district. We helped both ELL and English speaking students reach their target goals in math, reading comprehension and writing. We taught the students how to set goals, move towards and progress monitor these goals, meet these objectives and celebrate all their new learning as accomplishments. Parents and teachers commented that the students’ experienced an increased joy for learning as well as increased confidence, self-respect, and pride.

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