After doing Brain Gym movements with my Headstart preschoolers, they were much more focused and were more receptive to learning.”

— Anne P

“I could not believe the difference in my son’s ability to focus, complete homework and chores after completing Integrated Learning Academy’s 20 hour program.”

— Charles T

Brain Gym Movements

“PACE brain gym movements made a HUGE difference in my class’ ability to comprehend in ALL subject matters. We PACE every morning before reading, again before math and my students are learning much easier than the beginning of the year when we were not doing PACE.”

— Pat J, middle school teacher

“When you are doing brain gym, you don’t think you are changing but you really are. When you do the pogo stick and bongo board after doing brain gym, you know you’re changing, because you are better.”

— Nate N – second grade student

“After integrating one day of Brain Gym® movements in our pre-school program, the children that had not napped all year fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.”

— Marylin F – Pre-school Program Director in Brighton, CO

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