Overcome the Achievement Gap

Falling Behind Isn’t an Option

  • Is your student finishing the school year below grade level?
  • Is your student more than a year behind?
  • Is the school passing your student regardless of their current academic ability?

We call this the Achievement Gap. Integrated Learning Academy’s summer tutoring sessions will help close the achievement gap. We utilize research backed instructional interventions that have proven to be successful in a direct teaching remedial session while integrating Brain Gym® breakthrough re-patterning movement techniques. These fun and energetic exercises:

  • Improve attention, concentration and memory – Your student will be better able to focus and, when needed, refocus on the task at hand
  • Improve their ability to learn and take on new challenges; increase their motivation
  • Improve balance and physical coordination
  • Anchor in higher level reading, writing, and math skills
  • Allow better organization and planning skills
  • Coping skills – We teach them to relax and self-calm / self-regulate in challenging situations

This doesn’t just mean higher test scores, your student will excel in all areas of their lives! 

What About summer school tutoring from public schools?

“Why would I send my child to the public school’s summer tutoring where they will repeat the same educational techniques that got us here in the first place?”  – Caroline, mother of BVSD 3rd grader

We hear this from parents all the time. We can’t repeat the same actions and expect different results. It’s time for something new and Integrated Learning Academy aims to be the support lifeline for your student.


what about the fight?

We take the fight out of summer school. Students love coming to Integrated Learning Academy. Instead of boring old sitting and studying, we get them moving. We challenge them with physical movement activities and light up their brains in the process. Then, once we have them ready to focus and learn, we introduce the subject matter and help bring them up to grade level. This is the summer school kids want to attend!


what are our options?

We offer private tutoring sessions twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays starting June 13, 2017 and semi-private classes (1:5 student-teacher ratio) Wednesdays and Fridays starting June 14, 2017.

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