Customized Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Developmental Movement Therapy

For Parents of Children Ages Newborn – 5 Years Old

  • Did your child crawl?
  • Is your child developmentally “on track”? Gross motor and fine motor?
  • Is your child clumsy?
  • Is your child continually fussy and hard to settle?
  • Does your infant or toddler have age appropriate sleep patterns?
  • Have you been told, or worry that your child has sensory integration challenges?

Developmental movement therapy for a young baby trying to standIn this age group we begin with Developmental Movement Therapy (DMT). In its most basic form, DMT uses movement patterns and your child’s own reflexes to activate and stimulate different areas of the brain. At this critical age, development of the movement system in infancy crucially influences the development of the brain and the mental and intellectual processes of a person in future life.

Our primary focus for infants and toddlers is to work with a parent, or primary caregiver, to teach you the techniques that will best aid in your child’s development. After all, you are your son or daughter’s first teacher. Developmental Movement Therapy prevents learning problems and academic challenges for the rest your child’s life!

Private Tutoring

For Parents of Children Ages 6 – College

Photo of two high school age girls studying in outdoor setting learning about Brain Gym exercises

  • Getting F’s?
  • Struggling to keep up in school?
  • Scared of tests?
  • Getting in trouble?
  • Struggling initiating and completing projects or chores?
  • Dyslexic, ADD, ADHD, can’t write, struggling in math?
  • Losing belongings and can’t find his/her things?
  • In their own world and cannot follow directions, schedule or routine?
  • Exhibiting appropriate social behavior?
  • Telling or showing you they “can’t “remember? (Short or long term)
  • Are you sick and tired of fights around homework?

For these youth we combine Developmental Movement Therapy with Brain Gym exercises needed to synchronize brain-body connections resulting in immediate, far-reaching and lasting changes.

The challenges listed above are the result of “blocks” that impinge on our optimal state of being. Life events, youth’s perception of these events, and intense emotion combine to block or short circuit successful accomplishments. (Think of the homework fight ritual). Brain Gym exercises act as simple energy switches that work to release the stuck circuit blocks in the brain body connection.

We Give Youth the Tools to Learn for a Lifetime! 

Learning disabilities are the result of perceptual communicative disorders. In other words, disconnect exists between the auditory, visual, and kinesthetic processing centers in the brain. At Integrated Learning Academy, we reconnect these functions by integrating meta-cognition skills for successful learning and achievement.

Our 12-Week Intensive Program provides youth with a full set of specific individualized tools tailored to their learning style to bring about lasting changes. You will see measurable gains in learning skills and academic performance including at least a 9-12 month growth (grade level/standard scores) in just 12 weeks!

12 Week Customized Program

  • 24 Sessions Total
    • 2 One Hour Tutoring/Sensory Integration Sessions Weekly for 11 weeks
    • Intake Assessment
    • Final Post Assessment
  • Home and School Recommendations
  • Fun Learning Menu that Empowers Youth to Be Their Best

Learn More About Different Learning Styles:

Integrated Learning Academy certified instructors specialize in:

  • Math Tutoring
  • Reading Proficiency
  • Writing Skills
  • Science
  • Develop Good Study Habits
  • Improve Test Taking Skills
  • ACT/SAT preparation Assistance
  • Organizational Skills

We provide state of the art skills for retraining the brain for easier

  • Focus
  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Attention and completion to tasks
  • Sports enhancement
  • Physical coordination

Special Offer! Call Integrated Learning Academy at 970 379-9270 or Sign Up for a Free 15 Minute Consultation to See How Private Tutoring Can Help. 


Interested in Summer School Tutoring for Your Child?

Integrated Learning Academy’s summer school tutoring sessions are the perfect match to get your child up to speed for the next school year! 

We Have Touched the Lives of Students of All Ages and Abilities by Helping Them Succeed Not Only in School But In All Areas of Their Lives

  • With just a few simple exercises, Jeannette has improved my organization and memory. My grades have improved and I feel more confident at school. She is also very friendly and understanding. I highly recommend Jeanette as a coach and counselor for kids my age.

    9th Grader, Boulder, CO
  • Over just a few weeks, my 7th grader went from feeling anxious about the organizational aspects of academics, to confidently and easily staying on top of assignments, tests and papers. I now no longer need to incessantly remind him to do his work; he completes his work on his own, without complaint! Jeannette gave us the tools we needed to move out of a rut. These sessions have been pivotal in our lives. Thank you, Jeannette!

    Stacy E., Parent, Boulder, CO
  • My oldest son had been struggling with reading and writing when we began to work with Jeannette.  His frustration and exhaustion levels were very high and he wasn't making progress the way that his teachers were hoping he would. He was falling below grade level. Not only has Jeannette truly helped him make progress with both reading and writing, but she has been able to see the bigger picture about what was contributing to his struggles and help him from that perspective. After working with Integrated Learning Academy,  his frustration is down,  his self-image has improved so much and he is reading  at grade level. We are so grateful for Jeannette's help!

    Karena Lindell
  • Jeannette Abshire will work tirelessly to support your child and I wholeheartedly recommend her services. My daughter and I worked with Jeannette for over 2 years and she was always very concerned about my daughter’s progress in math as well as her mental psyche. She really cared about her, but she was no pushover either. She pushed my daughter to her maximum and I will forever be grateful for taking the pressure off of me and my husband, who fought with our daughter daily about math. My daughter’s ability to move forward progressed and more importantly, we gained some emotional sanity (parents) and maturity (child) in helping our daughter with a very difficult subject. She helped our whole family tremendously.

    Catherine O. Brown
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