Deciding your child needs a tutor can be a difficult decision. We all want our kids to thrive in school and it hurts us to see them struggle. Tutors come in many shapes and sizes. From big corporate operations that have spread out across the country to other students who do peer tutoring there is a wide variety from which to choose. But does your child need a tutor? Here are some tips to help decide when to seek professional help. 5 Signs your child may need a tutor:

Poor Grades

This is often the first sign the first sign that parents use to begin the search for a tutor. It could be a gradual decline in grades across all subjects, or it could be difficulty in one particular class. Talk to your child’s teacher and find out if he or she can give you some insights as to why the problem exists. If you child is struggling in a single subject, for example math, a tutor can often help them get past the difficult concepts that are blocking their success.

Refusing/Reluctance To Do Homework

Let face it, most children would rather be out playing with their friends that sitting at the kitchen table studying. But sometimes, the reluctance to do homework stems from your child’s inability to grasp the concepts presented. We all like doing things we are good at, while we shy away from the tasks we do poorly. A tutor can make learning fun by helping your child succeed. The resultant increase in self esteem is just an added bonus!

No Confidence

This is related to the refusal to do homework problem. If your son or daughter is trying to understand a concept, but consistently can’t succeed, this failure can become a cancer and erode their self-perception further exacerbating the problem. Again, a tutor can help them find success and bloom!

Poor Time Management

This can be either a child problem or a parent problem. If your child has a Google Calendar and it is busier than yours – you may have a problem with too much extra curricular activities. On the other hand, if they have the time to complete their work, but consistently put if off – this may be a sign of a bigger issue. Consistent procrastination can be a symptom of not knowing how to complete a task or project.

Another time management issue arises when your child is struggling so much with a single subject that it cuts into the time needed for other classes. For example, if it takes hours for your child to complete their math homework, there isn’t time left for reading and social studies.

Learning Disabilities

ADD, ADHD, dyslexia and other learning challenges present special problems for parents and teachers alike. Unfortunately, schools often don’t have the time or resources to completely help these at risk kids. When picking a tutor for a child with learning disabilities, it is critically important that you select someone with experience in tutoring special needs kids!

One More Reason…

The five signs outlined above are all good reasons to find a tutor for your child, but there is one more reason. Call it a bonus reason. You should hire a tutor when you are no longer able to help your child yourself. Sometimes this is time related sometimes it is a function of not being familiar with how certain subjects have changed. The way we were taught key concepts 20 years ago may not be how schools are teaching today.

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