career opportunities at integrated learning academy in denver and boulderIntegrated Learning Academy is an expanding educational kinesiology practice serving children, families and schools – at the intersection of traditional education and somatic psychology. Our practice in Boulder has been growing, and we’ve recently been awarded two large contracts with school districts in Denver. During the next few months we’ll be expanding greatly, so there are huge opportunities for growth.

Job Opportunities:

Body-Centered Coach/Therapist, Licensed Teacher & Project Manager for Educational Kinesiology Practice 

Job Description:

We are seeking an Academic Tutor/Trainer/Administrator/Project Manager to support our tutors, students in the classroom, parents and school district contract duties.

Candidates will work directly with the business owner to perform the following duties:

  1. Conduct tutoring/training sessions with private pay clients in Boulder at our Gunbarrel location, working with children, families and a growing population of adults. In addition to sessions, there are collaborative conferences with families.
  2. Help with administrative duties.
  3. Manage projects and people.
  4. Write summary and performance reports.
  5. Manage event logistics and set up trainings as we hire managers and tutors to work with Title I schools in Denver. There will also be opportunities to work on and possibly help oversee the projects in Denver.
  6. Conduct training at senior living and community centers.

We’re first looking for someone who is a licensed teacher in Colorado (or possibly a licensed Occupational or Physical Therapist), who already has coaching or therapy training to:

Don’t worry if you don’t already know the Brain Gym tools – we will teach you! This role is great for people already trained in Brain Gym or other educational kinesiology methods, somatic psychology, educational psychology, coaching, therapy, somatic therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, teaching, tutoring, etc.



You must be licensed to teach in Colorado. We will also consider licensed physical and occupational therapists and social workers/counselors.


  • Classroom experience: teachers, tutors, remedial and special education instructors
  • Be open to alternative educational approaches, appreciate the multiple intelligences model of Howard Gardner, and have training or ideally experience working with people – and we’ll teach you the rest.
  • Bilingual instructors a plus
  • Brain Gym experience a plus


  • Communicate (read, write, and speak) in English
  • Have natural talents with project management and planning
  • Have natural talents with people management
  • Have keen one-on-one presence and skills managing a group – of kids, families, teachers, school administrators, etc.
  • Be organized, paying attention to the details, while simultaneously aware of and connected to the big picture
  • Have excellent oral, written and body communication skills – with teammates and clients
  • Already know and do pull out people’s gifts rather than focus on their weaknesses
  • Collaborate well
  • Have a good sense of humor
  • Have experience working in entrepreneurial settings, helping run a business
  • Have been self-employed and know how to juggle so many balls at once
  • Be passionate about and love the work they do
  • Be familiar with marketing tasks, including social media
  • Be dependable, responsible, accountable, on time, honest
  • Be clear and direct while simultaneously flexible and in the flow – able to make a plan and then be fluid with determining what to do with what happens

Other Requirements: 

  • You will need a car for transportation
  • A laptop computer with knowledge of Microsoft Office

Degree Requirements:

  • High School diploma or equivalent


  • You will initially be a part-time contractor, and your work will quickly grow to full-time over the next few months.
  • You will be an independent contractor
  • Hourly rate will begin at $25-$35/hr based on experience and talent.

There is great potential to earn more as your capacity and the business grow. Ideally you’ll choose this to be your career, partnering as we grow, perhaps opening your own location, possibly helping franchise the business, etc.

The Application Process:

If you are interested in this position, please e-mail with the following information:

  1. Send simple and honest email or cover letter that includes why you are interested in this position, what you feel is special about yourself, why you are the right person for this job.
  2. Attach a resume. Be sure to include information on your teaching (or occupational/physical therapy) license and salary history.
  3. Include links to your Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, if you have them. Final candidate will friend us and grant us access to your social media history

Please do not contact us by phone or through our website inquiry forms. Send emails to

We respect the time and energy it takes to apply for a job, so we will make every effort to contact you quickly after receiving your application. Thank you for your consideration and interest in working us.


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