What is Brain Gym®?

Brain Gym® is a revolutionary means of activating your brain to improve learning. In the Brain Gym work, we teach 26 movements that are the repetition of specific bilateral, contralateral, and other activities to promote efficient communication among the many nerve cells and functional centers located throughout the brain and sensory motor system. These movements are designed to integrate your body and mind in order to improve:

  • Visual and Auditory Memory
  • Concentration and Focus
  • Motivation and Energy
  • Math, Reading and Writing
  • Organization
  • Listening
  • Creativity
  • Physical coordination

How We Use Brain Gym®

In our work, we combine the Brain Gym movements with specific academic tutoring. The synergistic combination of opening up neuro-pathways and one-on-one academic instruction helps students learn easier and retain knowledge longer. At Integrated Learning Academy we achieve breakthrough results and elevate student performance by one or more grade levels in just 12 weeks.

When You Sign Up for Brain Gym® 101 You Can…

The Brain Gym® 101 Course introduces you to using Brain Gym® to benefit yourself and others. You learn how to draw out potential in all area of life by using powerful Brain Gym® Tools, including:

  1. PACE Brain Gym – a four minute Brain Gym® warm-up that helps you focus, relax and get ready to begin any new task or challenge.
  2. 26 Specific Brain Gym® movements – quick, simple physical movements that improve memory, focus, math, reading, writing and communication, creativity, energy levels, athletic performance
  3. The 5-Step Balance – around the goal of your choice, you learn what to select from the Brain Gym® Menu to best support the achievement of your goal
  4. Two Repatterning Sequences – the Dennison Laterality Repatterning and Three Dimension Repatterning  which “remind” different areas

Educators learn the benefits of this unique program that will help students overcome learning challenges and breakthrough roadblocks. Parents become an expert resource to your child, because you know your children better than anyone!

  • “Jeannette’s work with Brain Gym is nothing short of miraculous. I was privileged to watch her work with my 11 year old son, who at the time was very apprehensive and was doing poorly in school. My son loved his experience and is performing much better in school since his session with Jeannette. Not only has the quality of his work improved, but his confidence has grown and he has a much better attitude in general. I was especially surprised at how open and engaged my son was with Jeannette. She created a very safe space immediately and they dove right in together. Not only is the process fun and easy, but Jeannette’s approach is gentle and nurturing. I’d recommend Brain Gym with Jeannette Abshire to people of all ages who would like to see permanent change in their life, doing something fun with a person they can trust. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

    Kelly McPhail Wallace
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