Brain Gym® for infants through preschool! Your child’s path to success!

It is no secret that children and families face enormous hurdles in their quest for peaceful family time, harmony and prosperity. Perhaps the biggest hurdle of all lies in the childcare arena. An effective childcare system for our families is certainly a key component of not only family success, but for our communities and world to thrive. If we do not work together at the community level and rise above these challenges, our greatest asset, our children, will suffer. Here at YWCA in Boulder, Colorado, we know that education is the key to our balanced future. Our wonderful YWCA staff In Boulder, CO is presently embracing, learning and using BRAIN GYM throughout their daily routines (infants-preschool ages

What is Brain Gym®?

Brain Gym® is a series of simple body movements used to integrate all areas of the brain to enhance learning and insure that each child is developing joyfully, on time and in the correct developmental sequence needed for optimal brain, body and emotional functioning. This is absolutely necessary for the prevention of specific learning disabilities, and to foster emotional intelligence, social appropriateness and the ability to focus and attend to age appropriate tasks which ultimately are directly related to school success.


Here are a few testimonials from the teachers/child care experts at YWCA about how brain gym is making not only the children’s lives, but the teachers’ lives more joyful and peaceful and productive.

“We will call our little girl Vicky. Vicky came to the center daily and cried incessantly, was impossible to soothe and calm down. No matter what we tried, she screamed and cried the entire day, unless she was carried around in our arms. After one morning of doing BRAIN GYM® with Vicky, her behavior changed dramatically. She could crawl around and play with the toys and interact with the adults and other infants with more ease and not crying and screaming to be picked up and carried around constantly.”

Each day the teachers did BRAIN GYM® with Vicky. “She became able to self-soothe, sleep on her own, and was calmer and happier.”

“BRAIN GYM® saved our sanity and supported Vicky and her family to be on the road to safe, secure and happiness at day care and home. A safe and secure child, is a child that can continue to develop normally which prevents developmental delays and specific learning challenges.  We hope to continue to spread the word and joyous experiences BRAIN GYM® is bringing to all these children at YWCA.”

“Mary, 2 1/2 years old, was not speaking any words, nor babbling. Her speech development before we started BRAIN GYM® was delayed. We were concerned. We knew this adorable little girl was experiencing a very stressful home life and did not know how to help her use words to begin to express herself. After 2 weeks of using BRAIN GYM® Mary said the word “ball” when we were playing. She is babbling more each day and makes efforts to speak to us. Babbling sounds are emerging as confidence and gestures accompany her efforts for increases speech.  

Now, when she sees it is BRAIN GYM® time, she runs over and plops herself on the floor to indicate she is ready for the movements. She has moved from having us do all the movements with her, to initiating them herself. She reaches for my hand so I can help her use the movements. Mary is an inspiring example of the effectiveness and joyous experiences BRAIN GYM® is bringing to all these children at YWCA. We are proud to be the only child care center in Boulder, CO using brain gym to improve the lives of our children and their families.”

The YWCA Childcare Team

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