2013-2014 School Year

Integrated Learning Academy’s Advanced Brain Gym Plus program was privileged to be chosen to tutor non-proficient, 1st through 8th grade students in five Aurora Public Schools during the 2013/2014 school year. This tutoring was conducted over a three month period with 83 students. Attendance was at an all time high for after school tutoring programs, kids wanted to be there. Not only did all students grow academically, their motivation and excitement for learning increased across all age and grade levels.

2015-2016 School Year

We tutored over 75 students in their homes and in community centers throughout the district. Tutoring grades 1-8 in 10 different languages; English, Spanish, Nepalese, African, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Tigrigna and French, was a great privilege and honor.

Additionally, Integrated Learning Academy is the only tutoring company with the capacity and skill to service the deaf and hard of hearing population in Aurora. Both the students and their families discovered interpersonal awareness and learning strengths they had not experienced prior to enrolling in our tutoring program.

Our story of a 5th grade student from Nepal. “When we met Aadi, she was non communicative and angry. At the time of the pre-test, she tore the test up, threw it across the room and hid under a desk. With compassion and skilled planning, Aadi went from non-communicative and aggressive, to understanding and interested. Our interpreter was in place to unlock our relationship with the family. Soon, the family received English support from our team, and began to learn English with Aadi. At the end of the program, the entire family grew in English language development and self confidence; Aadi increased her standard score 1 entire grade level on the post test. What success!”

After School Tutoring Methodology:

Neuroscience has proven a strong connection between intentional movement and improved cognition.  Our movement based program is an effective cognitive strategy to:

  • Strengthen learning
  • Improve memory and retrieval
  • Enhance motivation and joy for learning

After regular school hours, we conducted after school tutoring for three hours per week. We focused on making the brain-body connection through movements called Brain Gym. Our curriculum integrates the theories of multiple intelligences so all students understand their best method for learning.

After School Tutoring Results:

Our goals were to increase academic achievement in reading, language arts and mathematics. Our goal was also to increase the linguistic ability in English Language Learners (ELL). As a standards-based educational academy, we enabled these students to move towards attaining proficiency in meeting the state academic achievement standards.

Aurora After School Tutoring Overall Student Growth:

Graph Showing student growth from after school tutoring program in Aurora

Average Percentage Increase From Pre-test to Post-test:

  • Math: +40%
  • Reading Comprehension Skills: +117%
  • Spelling/Writing: +46%
  • Reading Decoding Skills: +74%


Aurora After School Tutoring English Language Learner Student Growth:

ELL Student results from after school tutoring in Aurora

Average Percentage Increase From Pre-test to Post-test:

  • Math: +64%
  • Reading Comprehension Skills: +173%
  • Spelling/Writing: +48%
  • Reading Decoding Skills: +63%

For the English Language Learners, we staffed every location with a certified bilingual instructor.

After School Tutoring Conclusion:

The Integrated Learning Academy program in the Aurora Public School system was a resounding success. Parents and children love the unique and different movement based program. The key aspect of our approach is the integration of physical movement using Brain Gym exercises to improve concentration and focus.

Many of these students were ADD/ADHD and came to us with specific learning disabilities. The Brain Gym movements help make neuro-connections in the brain so that learning for these at-risk students is easier and more joyful.

We have been providing supplemental educational services in the state of Colorado since 2007. Every school district can benefit from integrating movement based learning from Integrated Learning Academy.

We are available for teacher in-service professional development through our Move to Improve Program.

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