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Jeannette’s Philosophy

Photo of Jeannette teaching PACE preparing our systems for learningFor over 35 years, Jeannette Abshire has served as a passionate educator and coach for children, families and professionals of all ages (birth-adult) and all walks of life. With a M.A. in Educational Psychology and, as a licensed educational kinesiology (Brain Gym®) consultant/teacher, Jeannette is an expert in the field of learning differences, sensory integration and drawing out the full potential of each individual through the use of brain integration and multi sensory techniques fully supported by substantial research.

Jeannette also has a successful, positive track record training trainers, parents, and other professionals to discover and express their “genius” or creative uniqueness and “gifts” in a fun, authentic and joyful way.   When individuals and family units are honored and allowed to “be” themselves, a foundational safe space is created for deep, permanent shifts to occur.

Her approach to empowering individuals, families and groups to reach optimal performance in all areas of life centers on the importance of the development and growth of the whole person. (Physical, emotional and chronological age)


As President of Integrated Learning Academy, Jeannette and her team have been successfully helping individuals with specific learning disabilities for the past 25 years. Additionally, she works with post traumatic stress syndrome and individuals recovering from brain injury.

Learning the lazy 8 brain gym movement in boulder coJeannette is co-founder/developer of ADVANCED BRAIN GYM® PLUS LLC, Supplemental Educational Services provider for the Colorado Department of Education.  Advanced Brain Gym® Plus and Integrated Learning Academy, LLC (ILA) emphasize experiential learning using the Multiple Intelligences and Brain Gym® exercises to improve literacy, mathematics social skills, inter and intra personal skills and language skills. We have successfully improved student performance up to 2 grade levels.  This multisensory program has been implemented in Westminster, Aurora, Roaring Fork Valley, St Vrain, Boulder Valley, Garfield 2, Jefferson County, and Denver counties with documented success and positive feedback from parents, students, teachers and administrators.

Integrated Learning Academy has consulted in public, private, Waldorf, independent and alternative schools all over the state of Colorado while mentoring teachers and support staff concerned with differentiation and modification strategies needed to address ALL the needs of various types of learners.

Jeannette serves as a group facilitator for professional organizations and is proud to be adjunct faculty for Adam’s State University and Colorado Mountain College.


Jeannette holds:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Arizona
  • A Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology from Colorado University, Boulder
  • A Nutrition Certification from Nature’s Sunshine School of Natural Health
  • A certification from the Educational Kinesiology Foundation of America

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