Students, Parents and Teachers face greater challenges today than ever before!

  • Image os sign that says school dropout indicating dropout rate is higher than everThe dropout rate is higher than ever
  • Classroom size continues to grow as budgets shrink
  • Students who fall behind have an almost impossible task of catching up
  • Everybody is frustrated with the struggle and our fast paced society is draining motivation and passion for learning


What Does the Future Hold?

A parent recently asked me, “Will my child be living with me forever?” I busted out laughing, “Don’t worry, I said, you are your child’s best teacher and you are taking the necessary steps to insure his success in life.” As every teacher knows, standardized tests do not predict a student’s future. In fact, if your student is not reading at a “standard” level in kindergarten – that student is already being told that they are a failure. When you place these artificial standards on children and force them to comply with it, you set them up to hate learning, to hate reading, and to hate school!

Integrated Learning Academy has been selected to provide tutoring to both Aurora and Denver Public School districts for the 2015/2016 school years

Thank you Denver and Aurora for putting your faith in Integrated Learning Academy!

At ILA, We Revolutionize Learning

Before any student can learn and retain knowledge, they must first be in a “learning state of mind.” We characterize this as top down vs. bottom up learning. Schools today teach Top Down. But, at ILA we prepare the student for learning by removing emotional blocks and providing a safe place to both fail and succeed.

Triiune brain neocortex limbic brain stem

Top Down

  • Frustrated learners can recieve tutoring in boulder from Integrated Learning Academy“Stop That”
  • “Pay Attention”
  • “Sit Still”
  • “Why can’t you remember?”
  • 2 + 2 = ?

Bottom Up

  • Integrated Learning Academy student tutoring for all ages“I am safe”
  • “I can be myself”
  • “I am smart in many ways”
  • Predictability
  • Structure


Only by removing the primitive brain’s obstacles and fears, can students access higher thinking skills. At Integrated Learning Academy we use a variety of tools to get students to a “learning state of mind.” The primary methodologies we employ are Neuro-Sensory-Motor and Reflex Integration and Educational Kinesiology (BrainGym.) We combine these educational models with state of the art tutoring in all major subjects. The great thing about this approach is, once learned it can be used at any time. Parents can use it at home and teachers can integrate these techniques easily into the classroom.

How Brain Gym Works

Brain Gym is a revolutionary means of activating your brain to improve learning. In the Brain Gym work, we teach 26 movements that are the repetition of specific bilateral, contralateral, and other activities to promote efficient communication among the many nerve cells and functional centers located throughout the brain and sensory motor system. These movements are designed to integrate your body and mind in order to improve:

  • Visual and Auditory Memory
  • Concentration and Focus
  • Motivation and Energy
  • Math, Reading and Writing
  • Organization
  • Listening
  • Creativity
  • Physical coordination

In our work, we combine the Brain Gym movements with specific academic tutoring. The synergistic combination of opening up neuro-pathways and one-on-one academic instruction helps students learn easier and retain knowledge longer. At Integrated Learning Academy we achieve breakthrough results and elevate your student’s performance by one or more grade levels in just 7 weeks.

“Jeannette’s work with Brain Gym is nothing short of miraculous. I was privileged to watch her work with my 11 year old son, who at the time was very apprehensive and was doing poorly in school. My son loved his experience and is performing much better in school since his session with Jeannette. Not only has the quality of his work improved, but his confidence has grown and he has a much better attitude in general. I was especially surprised at how open and engaged my son was with Jeannette. She created a very safe space immediately and they dove right in together. Not only is the process fun and easy, but Jeannette’s approach is gentle and nurturing. I’d recommend Brain Gym with Jeannette Abshire to people of all ages who would like to see permanent change in their life, doing something fun with a person they can trust. It doesn’t get much better than that.” – Kelly McPhail Wallace
 Grain Gym Training Boulder CO


Integrated Learning Academy Provided Title 1 Tutoring to Aurora Public Schools

ELL Student results from after school tutoring in Aurora

Click the graph to see student performance improvements in Aurora

Integrated Learning Academy is one of only five tutoring companies in Colorado that was awarded a contract to provide tutoring services in Aurora Public Schools under No Child Left Behind. We are proud to have helped Aurora students increase their literacy and math skills. If you are interested in a career opportunity, please send us a resume at info@integratedlearningacademy.com

Integrated Learning Academy Provided Title 1 Training to Westminster and St. Vrain School Districts

Integrated Learning Academy also provided Title 1 tutoring to the Westminster and St. Vrain school districts in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Click here to see the results of this Supplemental Educational Services After School Tutoring Program.

Integrated Learning Academy – Revolutionary Tools That Improve Student Performance

Photo of Jeannette teaching Brain Gym at UNC

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